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Here are just a few examples of commercial campaigns I have created.

The Client: Plumber 911

The Challenge: Create a consumer brand among a group of commercial plumbing contractors to serve as an emergency network for greater Atlanta on commercial and residential

The Story: Millions of dollars are spent advertising plumbing services in Atlanta, but because of the apprenticeship training program and the extensive experience of heavy-grade commercial work, NO ONE can touch Plumber 911 plumbers for expertise and emergency plumbing services.  This is their story. 

The Result: Enjoy “Network of Experts” from Plumber 911

Commercial #1:  Plumber 911 “80 People”  :30 Radio

Commercial #2:  Plumber 911 “Ankles”  :30 Radio

The Client: Rinnai Tankless Waterheaters

The Challenge: Make tankless waterheaters memorable to college football fans

The Story: Aside from the game, there’s another prime reason guys return to campus for the game.  We chose to capitalize on this in an entertaining, playful, and best of all memorable way.

The Result: Enjoy “The Shower Girl” for  Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters.

Commercial #1: Rinnai Shower Girl :30 Radio

Commercial #2  Rinnai Zeta Girls :30 Radio

Commercial #3  Rinnai Team Shower :30 Radio

The Client: Panda Painting, a local  painting contractor based out of Atlanta Ga.

The Challenge: Create a “sticky” story about Panda Painting’s quality work and 5-man crew so that when the client searches for paint contractors, they remember Panda Painting.

The Story: By using whimsical alliteration, we were able to create a memorable campaign that creates a stand-out position for the advertiser.

The Result: Enjoy “Painting Made Painless” for  Panda Painting.

Commercial #1 Panda Painting “Painting Made Painless” :60 Radio

Commercial #2 Panda Painting “Paint Suessing” :60 Radio

The Client: Arrow Exterminators, an Atlanta-based pest control company contractor.

The Challenge: Create relevance with a college football audience by tying a rather bland business to the excitement and pageantry of a college football in the South.  M0tivating someone to call from an ad when they are engrossed in watching their favorite team play football is a tough task, so we had to make them memorable for time to come.

The Story: Pests are a nuisance…they are “rivals”, in a sense.  We chose to capitalize on the rivalry between fan bases in south via a fun memorable campaign entitled “Pest Poetry”.   I utilized a well known former All-American to tell the story of fans submitting poems about rival schools to create the effect, and scheduled the spots to run during the rival game on the schedule.

The Result: Because the client understood the ethos of southern college football, I was able to pull no punches in writing them, increasing the  impact of the commercials greatly.  You would not believe how many rival fans called us on these….but of course the home team audience, the intended target, LOVED them. If you are a southern college football fan, you’ll understand.  Enjoy “Pest Poetry” for Arrow Exterminators.

Commercial #1 ARROW Butler30 Tigers :30 Radio

Commercial #2 ARROW Butler30 Commodores :30 Radio

Commercial #3 ARROW Butler30 Gamecocks,   :30 Radio

Commercial #3 ARROW Butler30 Gators :30 Radio

Commercial #4 ARROW Butler30 Yellow Jackets :30 Radio

Commercial #5 ARROW Butler30 MSU :30

The Client: Farmers Insurance / Foremost Insurance, a nationally recognized company, working with southeastern regional division.

The Challenge: Create brand differentiation with a broadcast audience (college football)  that is extremely crowded with competitors.

The Story: I was underwhelmed with the commercial copy they sent me and asked them if they would be open to another approach.   To the client’s credit, they were very receptive.  We took a different spin on a college football tradition, the coaches’ call-in show, which is notorious for over-zealous fans calling in to ask the head coach

The Result: The client loved it, and a version of this campaign is still running 6 years after I created it.   Enjoy “Coaches’ Call-In” for Farmer’s insurance.

Commercial #1 Farmers Coaches’ Call In “Consolidate” :30 Radio

Commercial #2  Farmers Foremost Coaches Call-In :30 Radio

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