My name is Rutland Walker.  When I’m not raising three boys or trying to write the next great bluegrass song, I’m drilling down on the immutable laws of what makes people do what they do.   I’m a veteran media marketing, sales, and copy writing  specialist with 23 years of experience in major sports sponsorships, search engine marketing, radio, TV, newsprint, and retail promotions.

I’ve worked with some of most iconic properties in the southeast:  The Atlanta Braves network, The Southeastern Conference, the Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, News/Talk WSB, WSB TV, AJC.

I have personally written, produced, and directed (and sometimes voiced) campaigns for Farmers Insurance, Plumber911, Rinnai USA, Lawyers.com, Panda Painting, Arrow Exterminators, Ackerman Security Systems, Charter Communications, Ask-Kay Electric, and Opteum Financial.  I’ve also worked closely with major brands like Verizon Wireless, AirTran Airways, Georgia Power, Comcast, Sherwin-Williams, AT&T, SERVPRO, Quaker State, CITGO, Publix, Corona, LexisNexis, et. al.

Contact Me:  Rutland.walker@7adsins.com  or click any of the icons at the top right of the page.


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