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What’s your Big Purple Cup?

Published by admin on January 13th, 2014

big purple cup

Around the office, everyone knows me for my big purple cup.   It’s the cup out of which I drink my 100 oz.  water every day.   Not something I did intentionally and the cup has zero sentimental value.  I just that I started drinking from this big purple cup I brought from home and after several months of using it everyday, I became known for it.

So, in your business, what’s your big purple cup?  Ask yourself what you are known for outside of the stated  “brand position” you‘ve created for yourself. I’m talking about blind spots…something you may not know you’re known for at all.  It’s a good exercise in branding, because branding is not just what you put out there through your slick marketing efforts.  Branding is the sum total of all thoughts and feelings that someone associates with your business.

Research can help.  From time to time we commission market-wide field research studies for clients to answer that question on a broader scale and we are ALWAYS surprise to see something we did not anticipate.   There are usually two or three things that consistently show up in verbatim responses of which we were unaware.  Without effective research, you’re limited to questions within your own purview.    I find that clients only ask questions to which they want to know the answers, but the unasked questions often reveal the most insightful answers.   So ask yourself…what’s your big purple cup?  And lemme know if you need help finding yours.