Why the 7 Deadly Sins of Local Business Advertising?

What if you knew the root cause of all the bad business decisions before you make them?  How powerful would your choices be? If you had knowledge of the most common mistakes advertisers make, and you knew the reasons behind them, could you always make the right move? Maybe.  But would you make more right moves than wrong? Absolutely.

Enter The 7 Deadly Sins of Local Business Advertising. The 7 Deadly Sins of Local Business Advertising is a conversation about the the emotions that precipitate the 7 most common advertising mistakes. Because for all the shiny new intelligence behind the internet, search engines, and social media, etc. and for all the promises of “lead generation”, “tracking”, “targeting”, “accountability” and “ROI” tools that the internet gurus have promised local advertisers, the motivation behind all decision making is as old as mankind itself…

Emotional attachment drives ALL decision-making, including decisions made on advertising strategy. Logic is merely a means to rationalize decisions that have already been made.  We’ll talk about how advertising actually works in relation to how your customers behave, and about building ad strategy to take advantage of it.  Understanding the emotions behind your decisions will help you make better decisions.  The media and advertising industry changes day-by-day, sometimes minute-by-minute, but the motives that drive consumers  hasn’t changed since we began walking erect.   Knowing how consumers behave in relation to your business is critical to success, and knowing the 7 Deadly Sins of Local Business Advertising is critical to your ability to make good decisions to motivate them.

‘A fool learns from his mistakes, but a truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others’ – Otto von Bismarck